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A Call to Potential Plant-based Bloggers

A Call to Potential Plant-based Bloggers

Each one of us who has embarked on a plant-based dietary program has a story to tell or some positive contribution to make in order to help bring others along on the journey that has been so helpful to ourselves! There are people who will listen to you that will not listen to me, or others. We all may have some shared experience or motivation, with which someone else might resonate. Your message could be exactly what is needed to help another person make the decision to adobt a plant-based lifestyle. We all have the ability to influence others! For this reason, we would do well to support, encourage and promote each other. It is for this purpose that we set up a blogging platform with the express intent of promoting plant-based living. Our thinking is that many people can benefit through creating a central gathering place where people come to blog, and read blogs, regarding a Plant-based diet.

The reason for writing this particular blog is to give a call for potential bloggers to consider getting their feet wet and sharing stories, experiences, burdens and beliefs with others. People that like what a particular blogger has to say can then easily subscribe to that persons blogs and be notified each time they write. All of the blogs will be automatically posted to our Starch-Smart Blog page as well as our Starch-Smart Facebook page. The blogs you write will also be easy to share with your social networks either directly from the Starch-Smart Blog or from the Starch-Smart Facebook page.

We are looking for many different types of bloggers; different ages, different motivations, different perspectives but with a unifying purpose of promoting healthy plant-based living. We do have Terms of Service which you would agree to abide by and a Privacy Policy which are both very reasonable. There would not be any charge for you to use the service. The way we see it, you will add value to the service through your active participation and that is motivation enough for us!

The blogs posts can consist of Standard Blog Posts, Photos, Videos, Quotes and Links. Here are some ideas on how you might like to use this blogging platform to get your voice heard:

  • Search for and promote Success Stories from various plant-based web sites
  • Gather Health in the News articles of interest and post about them with commentary
  • Promote web content from your favorite plant-based personality, even if that personality is yourself
  • Create recipes in our Recipes Section and then blog about the recipes to others
  • Share your favorite plant-based recipes on the web sites of others, or your own
  • Chronicle your personal plant-based adventure as you lose weight, reverse, disease, etc. 
  • Gather and promote Plant-based events to make it easier for others to find
  • Promote science health abstracts, that support plant-based living, which you find on web 
  • Come up with some other great idea that we have not even considered yet! 

We do request that you please try to upload a picture with each blog post. It makes the blog posts more interesting and more likely to be read. And, adding pictures in our system is pretty easy to do.

In order to take us up on this offer you will need to sign up for a membership at the Starch-Smart System Web Site. This membership is free and sign up is relatively quick. If you have any problems during the sign up process then I want to hear from you. You could send me an email message at scarney(@)allmedphysicians(.)com (remove the parenthesis).

The Starch-Smart System web site is a service of All Plant Foods, LLC in conjuction with AllMedPhysicians, pLLC, the Medical Practice of Linda Carney MD

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