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Black Bean Feijoado Recipe and Others!

Black Bean Feijoado Recipe and Others!

Those of you using the Starch-Smart Community web site may be happy to know that recipes are now trickling in. The recipe I wanted to highlight just now is Black Bean Feijoado. It is a wonderful potluck or picnic sharing recipe that we take often to events where we know there will be a LOT of people and where we want to make a very good impression. The recipe is delicious!

Some of the nice features about our recipe software is that you can create your own personal online cookbook and the recipes can adjust the ingredient lists easily by moving a slider to change the number of servings.  It also provides an easy way for people to subscribe to the recipes of their favorite contributors and has the ability to create shopping lists. So, while we only have a handful of recipes online now we know that the service has huge potential. Hence this blog posting. We would like to invite you to submit recipes that meet the Starch-Smart System criteria!

Some people will notice that on the Starch-Smart Syste site we are asking people to submit recipes that do NOT use some ingredients which are commonly used on a variety of other very good recipe sites promoting low-fat plant-based whole-foods. The reason we are looking for slightly different criteria is because recipes that follow these guidelines are very hard to find. What we are hoping is that people who want to go Starch-Smart all they way will find our Starch-Smart Recipes site a very helpful resource!

Here are the guidelines we are looking for:

  1. Do Not Use: Meat, Dairy, Oil, Eggs, Fish, and Other Sea Animals, Caffeine, Alcohol, Vinegar or Black Pepper.
  2. Discourage Use of: Processed Sweeteners, Baking Soda and Baking Powder

We do recommend some excellent recipe sites that do not adhere 100% to the above Starch-Smart System guidelines. These sites have helped MANY people and we do want to see them continue to thrive and flourish! Here are a few excellent sites for low-fat plant-based whole-food recipes you can visit:

Engine 2 Diet RecipesFat Free Vegan Recipes | PlantPlate | The Happy Herbivore

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