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Dr. Carney's First Streaming Video with Trailer is Ready for View

Dr. Carney's First Streaming Video with Trailer is Ready for View

"Diabetes in Retreat - No More Meds?" is available now in streaming media!
The fruit of MANY months of labor is finally here in the form of helpful, healthful DVDs and Streaming Media, from Linda Carney, MD. The videos are on disease specific topics and the ability of a Starch-Smart® plant-based diet to reverse those diseases! We invite you, and actually request for you, to please review this DVD trailer and give us your feedback. It will help us to improve our products! We will be especially pleased if you would decide to purchase this product as either a DVD or as a Streaming Media rental or purchase. And, MANY thanks to those of you who have purchased. We are greatly encouraged! 

The trailer below is for our video entitled "Diabetes in Retreat - No More Meds?" and is our first available streaming media trailer. There should be five more trailers completed within the next week. We are providing this streaming media service via Vimeo as an alternative to purchasing the DVD and waiting for us to ship the video to you. Benefits include the following: The price of Streaming Media is lower and the speed of delivery is basically instantaneous. You can choose to rent the video for 72 hours or purchase the video to watch any time as well as download to your computer. 

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