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Dr. Carney's New Health Videos Available at

Dr. Carney's New Health Videos Available at

We have been working on a project for awhile which we are happy to finally announce! The project is the creation of six health videos by Linda Carney, MD which are an addition to Dr. Carney's Starch-Smart® Seminars. Not only have we been working to complete, and get to market, these six new videos but we have also been working on a brand new web site on which to distribute them. That web site is and has the tagline of Human Horsepower - Starch-Smart® Store.

OK. So, what's up with the Veggievore web site name and the tagline? ...
Basically around the world, power output is measured in terms of horsepower. And, a horses incredible power is coming from a creature not only surviving, but thriving on a completely plant-based diet. If you want maximum Human Horsepower then we recommend a Starch-Smart® plant-based program of Dietary Care Extraordinaire! Veggievore is our term for living on a vegetation-based diet as opposed to being a Carnivore which describes creatures that consume a flesh-based diet.

Dr. Carney's new Starch-Smart® videos are currently being produced as DVDs but a streaming media version will be available soon. We are in the process of finalizing some video trailers which is a requirement of Vimeo in order to sell the videos on demand on their service. So, stay tuned, those trailers will be coming soon. In the meantime, we would like to tempt you to check out our new site and even pre-order some of our videos. These are pre-orders because the videos are slated to be shipped to us sometime this week, actually possibly even today! We are offering an opening special for the remainder of the month of August 2015. Simply enter in the following coupon as you check out of the online storefront: AUG2015PRE to receive a discount on your purchase. 

One of the DVD masters had a glitch it had to be remastered. This is explained on the web site that there is one DVD that is not quite ready yet. The master has since been repaired and we are waiting on this new master to arrive via UPS any day now so we can do a final preview of the DVD before sending it to production house.

You can still order the unfinished video at this discounted rate and we will ship it out to you when it becomes available, hopefully later this month. The following is the list of DVDs that are presently available to purchase:

Why We Do What We Do? : Controlling Cravings.

Diabetes in Retreat : No More Meds?

Best Blood Pressure Plan : More Health Less Medicine.

Cancer Prevention & Women's Health: Survive and Thrive.

Perfect Health Requires Perfect Circulation : Blood Flow Boosts Vitality.

Ask the Doc! : your Questions Answered.

All Six DVDs Bundle : Buy Five and Get One Free!

Again, We are offering an opening special for the remainder of the month of August 2015. Simply enter in the following coupon as you check out of the online storefront: AUG2015PRE

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