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Food Processing Made Simple on

Food Processing Made Simple on

We just published a topical article entitled Food Processing Made Simple that has been mulling around in our minds for a long time. The article was written because we see so many food fads and so much misinformation floating around on subjects such as Smoothies, Juicing, Raw Foods and more. To us the real issue should be about food processing. To meet this head one we have endeavored to provide a sort of "Food Processing 101" article. This should help you to understand the bigger picture which is really about how processed the food you are consuming is. We hope by the time you finish the article it will be readily apparent what foods are processed and what foods are not processed. We also hope it will help you decide where, on the continuum of food processing, you want to draw your own personal line.

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To entice you to read the article we will give you an overview here in broad strokes:

How Food is Processed 101

Light: Removing the Water: Dehydrating Concentrates Calories

Medium: Modifying the Fiber: Blending/Grinding Quickens Assimilation

Heavy: Removing the Fiber: Refining Destroys Nutritional Value

Addictive: Adding Fat, Sugar and Salt: Creates Rapid and Intense Gratification

Click Here to Read the Article Now and understand why some of the 'Healthiest' foods that we are told about are often 'Very Highly Processed' according to our understanding regarding how food is processed! We do hope this will be an eye opening experience!

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