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Help! I'm married to a meat-eater!

Help!  I'm married to a meat-eater!

Actually, I'm grateful to be able to say, I personally am NOT married to a meat-eater.  My hubby willingly went vegan along with me, almost 30 years ago.  However, I have often been asked that question by both men & women.   

Usually what has happened, is that the couple married when both were still eating the SAD, and then one of them finds the Vegan Advantage.  It has often come as quite a shock when the spouse refuses to embrace it too.

Has this been part of your experience?

If yes, how did you handle it?




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  • My wife told her Mother and Sister that she was afraid to date me because she was afraid I would try to make her a vegan! This is so humorous to us now! Just this morning we were talking together about how grateful we are to be on this Starch-Smart Adventure together. It truly is a blessing to be married to somebody that does not try to get me eating unhealthy food!

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