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Incredible Egg? or Incredible Marketing?

Incredible Egg? or Incredible Marketing?

Due to their cholesterol content, eggs have always been a very controversial food item. One year we hear that the cholesterol in eggs increases our risk factors for cardiovascular disease, only to find out that cholesterol poses no harm the following year.

A quick search on the internet reveals how quickly the "good news" goes "viral" regarding egg's healthful benefits. In fact, very few articles on the internet actually uncover the hidden sources and practices that generate these claims.

Contrary to what we may have read or heard on the news, consuming eggs can contribute to developing risk factors for serious health problems.

Dr. Carney's new Topic Article, "Unscrambling the Truth About Eggs," examines the widespread misconceptions associated with egg consumption. You will learn how effective and powerful the egg industry's marketing strategies are at both downplaying the hazards of eating eggs while boasting about their superior nutritional profile. In fact, these strategies have even been referred to as "unethical." You won't want to miss article!


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