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Introducing the Protective Diet Forum

Introducing the Protective Diet Forum

Before even starting I would like to disclaim that we are NOT a part of the Protective Diet Forum. And, the Protective Diet Forum is not a part of the Starch-Smart System. They operate an Online Community for plant based nutrition and we also operate an Online Community for plant based nutrition. Some of the things that they promote, we do not promote! Some of the things that we promote, they do not promote!  

So, why am I here writing to you about them? Because, we just created a page at to introduce you to them. They are a "Mom and Pop" shop with a Story to Tell and an impressive offering. These folks look more like comrades then competitors! Please visit them and let us know what you think in our Discussion Forum

As far as we are concerned a little healthy competition among friends is a good thing! When you get to their site, let them know that the Carney's sent you! :-)  Here is the Official Facebook Support Page for the Protective Diet Forum

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