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Ken's Type-1 Diabetes Journey: Logs

Ken's Type-1 Diabetes Journey: Logs

In many of my Posts, I mention the fundamental significance of using a log to learn and manage my Type-1 diabetes, not to mention discovering the profound benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based Starch Smart diet. It has been requested that I provide a blank copy of my Type-1 diabetic log file, so here it is!

My log has evolved over the years of my diabetic journey. The original log was for learning and discovery as well as diabetes management. As I have learned and gained experience, the log has condensed. I thought it would be good to provide both versions.

Here is a link to the early version log: Early-Diabetic-Log.pdf

Here is a link to the early version log legend and explanation: Early-log-header-legend.pdf

This link is for a Microsoft Excel version of the log, so you can edit it if desired: Early-Diabetic-Log.xlsx

This link is for my current version log: Diabetic-Log.pdf

This link is for a legend and explanation of my current log: Kens-log-header-legend.pdf

And here is a link to the Microsoft Excel version: Diabetic-Log.xlsx

I hope this may be of benefit!  

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Ken's Type-1 Diabetes Journey: Control

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  • Ken, Thank you for being willing to share these logs from your years of diligent observations! What a blessing!

  • Ken, thanks so much for the log files you posted. I had just begun to log again today after breaking for the holidays.

    I really appreciate the time effort and experience you put into developing and posting these for the rest of us to benefit from your experience! My doctor will be very impressed when I see her next week. I am actually apprehensive about how she'll react to my new way of eating and the lbs I have lost. I know my A1c will be better and my readings have improved, though I've had a lot of lows. I need her help to adjust the insulin dosage on my pump. Hoping for the best and truly believe this way of eating is the best treatment for diabetes. I hope to enlist her as an ally, but if not, I am committed anyway.

  • Guest - Illina


    Ken, Thank you for being willing to share these logs from your years of diligent observations! What a blessing

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