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Linda Carney MD and MANY of her Patients Featured in Ancient Health Video

Linda Carney MD and MANY of her Patients Featured in Ancient Health Video

We are happy to recommend a recently produced DVD called Ancient Health which features Dr. Carney as well as MANY of her patients. These film producers have aslo become good friends of ours and we hope you will support their work.

In this video, you will learn to eat like the legendary Gladiators and many of the planet's longest living people in order to obtain optimal physical as well as mental fitness. Ancient Health explores eight health principles in depth that retain their relevancy from the time of Egypt 3,500 years ago to the time of the Gladiators in Ephesus and into our modern times as well. 

We hope you will enjoy this preview of Ancient Health:

  • Learn how many people have been able to reverse heart disease and diabetes as well as losing excess weight. 
  • Discover cultures of longevity and the principles of health living that leads to their incredible long lives.
  • Follow people who have introduced these lifestyle habits into their lives and reaped the life-changing benefits.

Click Here to Order Ancient Health as a DVD or as Streaming Media

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