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New Kids on the Block: The New Health Club

New Kids on the Block: The New Health Club

One of our hopes for the Starch-Smart System Social Site (can you say Sally sold seashells by the seashore?) is to share resources that we find online. This week we were introduced to a couple who have started a new plant-based site which can best be described as a Plant-based Portal and Information Center. They have put a lot of work into gathering and organizing resources and I believe that the best is yet to come for them. Formost is some improvements in their web technology. One of the founders of this site also signed up today as members on the Starch-Smart Social Site. So, this post is to introduce them and their site. 

The name of their site is The New Health Club and it is located at: Their names are Julie Mihalisin and Philip Walling and you can meet them on their web site at: and learn a bit about their story. 

The purpose of their site is to answer three questions: 1) Why eat plants?, 2) How do I do it? and 3) Why is it so hard? The New Health Club has a very interesting method of classifying foods into three main categories based on the colors of a traffic light. Green for Go, Yellow for Caution and Red for Stop!  We found that while their system is very clever, there were a couple changes that we would make if we were trying to use the same imagery to represent the Starch-Smart SystemWe wrote up an introduction with observations about their site at that has links to the various sections of their web site! 

If you are not already signed up for a free membership at, then we invite you to please do so right away and we then equally invite you to visit with Julie on the Starch-Smart System Social Site at

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