Now that is Absolutely Discussing!

Well, I hope the title of this post grabbed your attention. We are working on our Starch-Smart knowledge exchange Discussion Forum. This is needing a little help from our friends. Since many hands make light work, we decided to ask for the assistance of our friends.

If you would be so kind please post some questions in our Starch-Smart Forum. This will require you to first create a Starch-Smart account. Once you are logged in and visiting the Forum Section you will notice that there are 13 categories. What we are needing is a couple questions in each category.

As they say in the movies "One Forum All and All Forum One".

Thank you in advance for helping us in this way!

Discussion Categories

 Miscellaneous Issues Miscellaneous Issues 1 post(s)

  Animal Concerns Animal Concerns 0 post(s)

 Condition Related Condition Related 1 post(s)

  Dining Out Dining Out 0 post(s)

 Faith Considerations Faith Considerations 0 post(s)

  Family Concerns Family Concerns 1 post(s)

 Fitness Related Fitness Related 0 post(s)

 Meal Conversations Meal Conversations 1 post(s)

 Special Needs Special Needs 0 post(s)

 Success Stories Success Stories 0 post(s)

 Support Discussions Support Discussions 1 post(s)

 Travel Related Travel Related 1 post(s)

 Weight Control Weight Control 0 post(s)