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PlantPure Nation Premiere today in Hollywood

PlantPure Nation Premiere today in Hollywood

Today marks the premiere of another hopefully HUGE movie which we would like you to be aware of and support. The new film is entitled PlantPure Nation and is coming from the producer and writer of Forks Over Knives with Dr. T. Colin Campbell Co-Author of The China Study. The offical launch is scheduled for Independance day, July 4, 2015. This movie in a nutshell attempts to answer the question "Why doesn't everybody know about the power of a plant-based diet?". Some of the answers may astound you. Some may enrage you. And, they will certainly engage you! 

The story of Plant-Pure Nation centers on some political initiatives in Kentucky. We are very interested having just returned a few days ago from a weekend in Kentucky where my wife, Linda Carney MD had been invited to speak to the town of Stanford Kentucky by the mayor who has experienced a teachable moment and embraced a plant-centered lifestyle. What we learned is that Kentucky, as a general rule, is not quick to embrace plant-based nutrition. Are you surprised?

Watch the trailer to see for yourself: 

The official web site for PlantPure Nation is found at

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