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PlantPure Pods Community Grassroots Activism Invites You!

PlantPure Pods Community Grassroots Activism Invites You!

Many of you may remember my blog about the movie PlantPure Nation. If not here is the bottom line in just three words: Go See It!. And, after you see the movie you will be invited to become a part of their grassroots activism through joining, or even organizing, one of their PlantPure Pods. Our local PlantPure Pod in Austin Texas is having their first major organizational meeting this Sunday January 10, 2016 at noon so it is on my mind. (Not to mention that one of the organizers sent me a gentle Facebook messenger nudge this morning asking to help get the word out) We aso previously published a blog about this movie on inviting you to Be a Part of the Plant-Based Nation Movement!

PlantPure Pods are an excellent way to get involved in improving the health of your community, the nation and the world. It is also a great way to meet some really wonderful people and become a part of their lives. And, if you are fortunate enough to have amazing cooks creating amazing food for the meetings, well... that is a wonderful perk! Need I say more?

The PlantPure Program has created a robust infrastructure to support these pods. You can learn more at

If you are in the Austin area this Sunday we certainly invite you. The pod has a Facebook page at

Linda Carney MD will be in attendance at this event as will MANY of her patients who also happen to be most of the leaders in this local PlantPure Pod in Austin Texas

Here is to doing good, making friends and being well-fed. Do consider getting involved!

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