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Popular (but potentially unhealthy) “health” foods

Popular (but potentially unhealthy) “health” foods

Have you heard people raving about the power of “magic potions” like coconut oil, Kombucha tea or Nomi juice to solve all sorts of health issues? They are all plant-based, so are they good for us?

I am listing the following, popularized as health-food, with links to the explanations of how they may do more harm than good. This list does not include animal products, dairy-based protein shakes, supplement products, herbal or Ayurvedic medicines.

Kombucha tea:       

Yerba mate tea:

Nomi & Mangosteen juice:

Traditional Korean Kimchi:

Star fruit:

Coconut oil:

Raw food diet:



Kelp & hiziki seaweed:

REAL licorice:

RAW mushrooms:

Blue-green algae (NB: NOT chlorella):

Chocolate, even dark:

Vietnamese, Chinese (cassia) & Indonesian cinnamon:



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