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Protect Against Cancer with Cruciferous Vegetables

Protect Against Cancer with Cruciferous Vegetables

The World Health Organization states that Global cancer rates could increase by 50% to 15 million by 2020. That is a LOT of cancer and that is not a LOT of time. The World Health Organization opens with another stunning statement: "action on smoking, diet and infections can prevent one third of cancers, another third can be cured". With some simple lifestyle interventions it seems that the majority of cancers can be prevented or cured."

One big step for mankind would be the simple addition of a common family of plants into the diet. The family in question?: Brassicaceae, also known as Cruciferous vegetables. These same vegetables are called "The Super-Veggies" on the WebMD web site because "Cruciferous vegetables have it all: vitamins, fiber, and disease-fighting phytochemicals."

A new article, Cruciferous Vegetables Protect Against Cancer, has been published in the Topical Articles section of the web site with helpful information, reasons and advice for incorporating more of these disease fighting compounds into your daily life. Discover a study on Women with Breast Cancer in which "They found dose-response effects – this means that the more cruciferous vegetables women ate, the less likely they were to experience breast cancer recurrence or die from breast cancer."

Many people change their lifestyle after receiving a cancer diagnosis. That is human nature since we generally are sure that cancer, or other terrible disease conditions, won't happen to us. Bad things always happen to other people, not to us! Oh how we wish that were so! Please, rather than wait and see, why not make a bold and delicious move towards immobilizing a vast army of cancer blockers and fighters? Let's practice a bit of dietary kung fu through the consumption of cross-bearing vegetables. Cruciferous means cross-bearing because the four petals of the flower form the shape of a cross.

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