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Slideshow on Obesity Trends Among US Adults

Slideshow on Obesity Trends Among US Adults

We created a Slideshow at using the Obesity Trends images from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) of the United States. Please understand that we do not believe this problem is ONLY a problem in the USA but as you will see when you click through the slides, the Obesity trends in the past couple of decades is unprecedented in world history. In fact, I would go so far as to say, this is the largest experiment in diet and nutrition ever conducted with results that are deplorable! Although the food industry and the sick-care system might disagree!

We are grateful to have the statistics on this 'experiment' being pulled together by a theoretically disinterested party such as the government of the United States. It does give a little credibility as to the reliability of the data! The cause of the problem is a primarily diet related. The solution is the adoption of a Starch-Smart System - From Sun to Plant to Plate as advocated by Dr. Carney and many others.

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