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Sometimes MODERN is not best

Sometimes MODERN is not best

So often we think of MODERN as good, or even best, and often it is when we consider advances such as technology and all that Technology has done for us (although there are negative effects as well).  Nevertheless, the one place where MODERN is decidedly NOT best, or even remotely good for us, is in our MODERN day food supply which dictates so many daily dietary decisions.

One would be led to believe that there is a World-Wide-War taking place in order to get ALL of us eating a MODERN and self-destructing diet. Oh how we long to see people reverting back to the good old-fashioned way their ancestors previously ate. We might call this World-Wide-War the "Battle of the Bulge", judging from growing waist lines everywhere! This is no longer an American epidemic. The rest of the world is wondering after us, and wandering far from the good old-fashioned simple Starch-Smart foods of their not-too-distant past!

We describe the MODERN diet by the using the following MODERN acronym:

M:  Meat
O:  Oil
D:  Dairy
E:  Eggs
R:  Refined
N:  Narcotic

  1. The food industry uses the Animal Proteins to hook our perverted taste buds.
  2. Then, the noose is further tightened by Concentrating Calories through Refining.
  3. Finally, they add the addicting properties of extra-curricular Fat, Sugar and Salt.

This is the point at which people become sitting ducks... spending bucks... on more and more toxic foods. They are just trying to feel good. But, it isn't working. We are getting sicker and sicker. Fortunately, there is a better way!  And for that reason we have created this Starch-Smart System Social Site:

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