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Spud Fit!

Spud Fit!

Andrew Taylor has done an amazing thing.  Through research and taking matters into his own hands, he found a win, win ... win way to break food addiction.  And, he has even created the Spud Fit website to share his multiple wins with everyone.

I am very impressed with his clear, logical thinking that took him on a one year potato only adventure to cure food addiction!  His success, however, far exceeded his original goal.

Andrew's December 2016 blog strongly resonates with my personal experience.  I feel a connection between his blog and the "Shangri-La" that I wrote about in an August 2014 blog

Andrew types, "The 'experts' also don't seem to understand - or bother to find out - that this has been the most pleasurable year of my life and that I owe it all to eating boring food!"       Emphasis on "... has been the most pleasurable year of my life..."

Thank you, Andrew!

Nothing in life is more inhibiting, failing or debilitating than the belief; "I Can't."
Nothing in life is more freeing, enabling or successful than the belief; "I Can."


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