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Starch-Smart Events, Invites and Special Friend Finder

Starch-Smart Events, Invites and Special Friend Finder

We are happy to announce a major upgrade to the Social Networking Software in the Starch-Smart® System's Helpful Sharing Plant-Based Community! Some of the nice NEWLY ADDED features we want to bring to your attention are the following:

Create Events: 
You can now create Events which can be:

  1. Open: Anybody can join
  2. Closed: People can request to join
  3. Private: Invitation needed to join

Invite Friends: 
You can now send Invites to friends through a form:

  1. Enter email addresses of your friends
  2. Post a short note to be sent to your friends
  3. Submit the invitation

Find Friends: 
You can find friends by Gender, Age and Location:

  1. This module was originally created as a "Dating" module
  2. However, the module is good for locating any friends

We would like to invite you to wander into the Site, become a member and test drive the new software. The site also allows people to create discussion threads in a forum, read and post member blogs, create a cookbook, post recipes, and more.

All of you that come to sign up now are doing us a huge favor! We want to give a big thank you, in advance, to every one that participates! And, in fact, if you visit the site and want to help we have a big need for recipes to be posted to the site. The recipe software is pretty easy to use. If you would like to share your plant-based, low-fat, whole-food, recipes we will be more than happy to help you get started! 

Here are some of the Links in the web site you can check out once you have signed in to the sytem:

Create Plant-Based Events at Starch-Smart

Create Starch-Smart Invitations for Your Friends

Add a Recipe to the Starch-Smart® System Site

Ask Technical Support Questions at Starch-Smart

Thank you, in advance,
Sean Carney

PS. You will be helping us and we are aware of a small bug in the location widget which should be fixed soon. Hopefully this evening. So, if you find any other bugs please do Report Bugs to Us Here.

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