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Stick to it!

Isn't it amazing how much better you feel when eating plant based and starch smart? It's all to easy to fall into the rush of life and eating out to vear from what you know is best for you. Eating out way to much this summer has led to me not feeling the energy I had just a few weeks ago! Of course I make better choices, but that veggie sandwich on that Italian bread, that is cooked in way to much oil... well that just does not keep me energized and feeling great! It only leads me to want more unhealthy choices, reaching for processed convenience foods and eating for that extra engery that is now lacking. So, the lesson is... stick to the plants and healthy starches! You'll feel a whole lot better! (And the weight will keep coming off, unlike when I eat out too much!)


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  • Thanks Heather,
    We all have times when we are not batting 100% but you are sure right that we just need to resolve again to be all that we can be and start fresh. Each morning is a brand new opportunity for success! :-)
    thanks for your blog posts!

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