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The Largest Epidemic of Foodborne Illness on the Planet?

The Largest Epidemic of Foodborne Illness on the Planet?

We probably see a tragic condition known as Orthorexia Nervosa in our clinic more than most Physician offices because my wife, Linda Carney MD, specializes in preventing and reversing disease through plant-based nutrition. As a result some extremely health conscious people that may be easily led to extremes often gravitate to see her. Orthorexia Nervosa is sometimes called the "health food eating disorder" and can be characterized by excessive anxiety about whether the food we are eating is harmful to our bodies. Often people sufferering from Orthorexia Nervosa do not consume enough calories. They begin to actually starve themselves! This is sad, dangerous and can of course be life threatening. Please, if you are suffering from this condition seek professional help right away. But, do not throw the baby out with the bathwater!

For each person we encounter with Orthorexia Nervosa there are HUNDREDS of others on the opposite end of the eating disorder scale! These are people who also worry about what they are eating, what they will be eating next and what they are hoping to be eating soon. Sounds like humanity right? After all, every one of us needs to eat! Three meals a day works pretty good for me!

However, problems arise because this other grouop of people are eating anything that tastes good and makes them feel instantly gratified. Their mottos is something like "If it feels good, do it!" and they truly do it three times a day or more, often eating in the name of moderation! What we see happening to this other group of people is that their thyroids are failing, they are becoming diabetic, are developing heart disease, have excessive menstrual bleeding, suffer from migraine headaches and develop a myriad number of other complications, not to mention obesity! Instead of righteous eating being their obsession they are obsessed with eating something that is certifiably DELICIOUS three times a day! It is almost as if DELICIOUS has become our birthright! It is something that is being taught from childhood. I have been unable to find a name for this disorder but it appears to be epidemic!

Maybe this disease condition is Deliciosa Nervosa?: The largest epidemic of food borne illness on the Planet?

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