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Your Questions Answered by Linda Carney MD

Your Questions Answered by Linda Carney MD

In Dr. Carney's Starch-Smart® System seminars, written questions from participants are collected beforehand, protecting their privacy. Wherever we travel, over and over again, we receive the same questions. Because of this, we created a video containing frequently asked questions. Dr. Carney's video is entitled "Ask the Doc!".

In this informative 96 minute video presentation, Dr. Carney shares answers to many of those frequently asked questions - with complex scientific evidence made easy to understand. You might just find yourself learning the answers to much of what you've always wanted to ask, and so much more!

The "Ask the Doc!" video is available for purchase as a DVD or downloadable as streaming media where it can be rented for a few days or purchased to own

If after viewing the video, you still seek answers to your questions, we also invite you to become a member in our Starch-Smart Social Community. There you can post your question into our Discussion Forum. Even though the Starch-Smart Community is on a secure server we still need to be careful about privacy laws so try to keep the questions general. We will do our best to answer them!

Watch the video trailer here:


You Can Also Purchase Ask the Doc! as a DVD

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