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Be Careful What You Pray For!

Be Careful What You Pray For!
A few years ago my wife and I was held over in an airport due to weather canceling our flight. This was disruptive for a lot of people, creating a very crowded, stagnant atmosphere. After having investigated every square inch of the airport; every shop, magazine stand, building architecture, etc., and boredom just beginning to set in, we were approached by a young lady. Her approach made me feel uneasy as she seemed over determined, much like a classic door-to-door solicitor. She started asking me all kinds of questions. I started to feel like I was being interviewed. As it progressed, it felt more like an interrogation. Eventually, she asked what I was listening to. I get that question a lo...
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Sean Carney
Ken, I thank you for posting this testimony! That was a LOT of food for thought. Years ago I had a friend who lived in his whee... Read More
Monday, 04 August 2014 14:51
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