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Taming the cravings

Taming the cravings
I've had a love/hate relationship with my bathroom scales most of my adult life. Up & down, up & down... sigh... Looking back at the heavier me, I see me eating a healthy vegan diet, but with lot of high fat foods such as oil, chocolate, nuts & vegan cheese products. When I look at the leaner me (in memory & now!), I see my diet focused on low-fat whole plant foods: NO oil, NO avocado, NO nuts, NO vegan cheese products, NO coconut & NO chocolate. "Why so strict?" you may wonder. "Come on, you gotta have a little treat now and then!" And you’d be right. I do, but I am less and less thinking of those sorts of foods as "treats".At this stage of the game, I see them mo...
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Sean Carney
Thank you for the very well written blog. We are a nation of food addicts and don't have a clue. This weekend Dr. Carney is doin... Read More
Thursday, 01 May 2014 15:54
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