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  1. ​High dietary ingestion of flavonoid-containing foods may reduce the odds of dying from cardiovascular disorders and other chronic diseases.

  2. ​Habitual consumption of fruits and vegetables may contribute positively to the prevention of stomach (gastric) cancer.

  3. ​Frequent consumption of carrots may reduce the likelihood of developing urothelial cancer.

  4. ​Frequent consumption of brassica vegetables may protect men from developing prostate cancer.

  5. ​Individuals who adhere to a western dietary pattern may have a higher tendency of developing pancreatic cancer than their counterparts on diets loaded with fruits, vitamins, vegetables, and fiber.

  6. ​Adequate intake of foods rich in folate may help to inhibit the development of cancerous cells in the esophagus, stomach, and pancreas.

  7. ​Pancreatic cancer is less likely to occur in individuals who regularly consume foods with high folate content.

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