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  1. High consumption of alcohol may increase a woman's chances of developing breast cancer.

  2. Following a high vegetable diet rich in tomatoes, carrots, and leafy vegetables may lower a woman's risk of developing asthma.

  3. Indulgence in whole grains may help combat the development of type 2 diabetes. 

  4. Eating whole grains regularly can help an individual to attain and maintain a healthy body weight.

  5. Regular consumption of antioxidant-containing foods, such as fruits and vegetables, may help to enhance lung function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

  6. The odds of developing periodontal disease may be high among users of e-cigarettes, marijuana, and other illicit drugs.

  7. Increased intake of cereals and legumes may help halt the onset of type 2 diabetes.

  8. The use of marijuana might be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

  9. Avid consumption of fruits and vegetables loaded with polyphenols may help boost cognitive function in young adults.

  10. Following a dietary pattern that promotes the consumption of whole grains for breakfast may help shield a man from hypertension.

  11. Heart failure is less likely to occur among individuals who regularly consumed whole grains for breakfast.

  12. Habitual consumption of foods loaded with flavonoids, especially isoflavones and procyanidins, may help to keep colorectal cancer at bay.

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