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  1. ​​Coronary heart disease is less likely to occur in individuals adhering to diets high in fruits and vegetables.

  2. ​High dietary ingestion of roasted, grilled, barbequed, and broiled fish, chicken, and meat may promote the development of type 2 diabetes.

  3. ​Generous consumption of grilled, roasted, broiled, and barbecued chicken, fish, and meat may increase an individual's vulnerability to hypertension.

  4. ​Regular intake of fruits and vegetables may help improve an individual's chances of avoiding stroke, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular ailments.

  5. ​A significant increase in colorectal cancer risk is associated with consistent consumption of pickled red meat.

  6. ​Regular consumers of processed meats may have a high propensity of developing colon cancer.

  7. High meat diets may put women at greater risk of breast cancer.

  8. ​High dietary ingestion of fruits and vegetables may help improve brain health and prevent dementia, cognitive decline, and Alzheimer's disease.

  9. ​Consistent consumption of fruits and vegetables may help cut down the risk of developing hypertension.

  10. ​Habitual consumers of fruits and vegetables may have a low tendency of developing hypertension.

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