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  1. Consistent consumption of ultra-processed foods may up mortality risk in middle-aged men and women.

  2. Eating an apple a day may improve an individuals chances of avoiding cancer.

  3. The use of e-cigarettes may trigger the onset of stroke, heart attack, and coronary heart disease.

  4. The probability of avoiding pancreatic cancer is high in individuals who regularly consume plant foods rich in flavonoids, such as apples, berries, and pulses.

  5. An apple a day may cut down the risk of dying from diseases and other causes in elderly women.

  6. Regular eating of vegetables, especially tomatoes and leafy vegetables, may be tied to lower risk of breast cancer.

  7. High dietary ingestion of fruits, particularly vitamin C-containing fruits such as citrus fruits, may help to thwart the development of oral pre-cancerous lesions in men.

  8. Following a plant-based diet may help an individual to beat depression and anxiety.

  9. Eating more vegetables and fruits, particularly apples, may help to boost an individual defenses against the occurrence of adverse cardiovascular events, including heart attack.

  10. Increased intake of fruits and vegetables may decrease an individual's predisposition to peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

  11. Generous consumption of vegetables may confer individuals with significant protection against chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

  12. Men who indulge in foods rich in acrylamide may have high risk of developing cancer of the lymphatic system, such as multiple myeloma and follicular lymphoma.

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