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  1. Long-term consumers of alcohol may have a high disposition to suffer from rectal cancer.

  2. Regular use of cannabis may raise a man's risk of dying prematurely.

  3. Former and current consumers of alcohol may be at risk of developing cancer in their distal colon and rectum.

  4. A surge in breast cancer risk is associated with habitual consumption of alcohol.

  5. Regular intake of alcoholic beverages may favor the development of breast cancer.

  6. Indulgence in alcohol may induce the onset of liver cirrhosis.

  7. Frequent consumption of alcohol may contribute positively to the development of colorectal cancer.

  8. Cannabis users may be highly prone to suffer from psychosis.

  9. Habitual use of cannabis may facilitate the onset of psychosis resulting from schizophrenia.

  10. Engaging in physical activity regularly may put a woman on the path to avoiding a diagnosis of proliferative benign breast disease.

  11. Consuming fiber-rich foods regularly may help thwart the development of benign proliferative epithelial disorders of the breast.

  12. Cannabis abuse may make an individual more vulnerable to having schizophrenia.

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