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  3. Sunday, May 29 2016, 12:04 PM
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A few days ago, during a routine eye exam, my optometrist exclaimed how the blood vessels and surface of my retina contained features typically only seen in young people under the age of 30. She found this remarkable because I am in my mid-60's. This finding was mentioned to a family member whose response was that it must be attributed to all the veggies I eat.

I would like to point out that while that is certainly true, it is even more attributable to what I DO NOT eat. I say that because as healthy as whole, unprocessed fruits and vegetables are, they simply cannot compete with the damage inflicted by animal proteins and fats. In other words; you can't consume animal products and expect adding some fruits and veggies to protect against the damage.

Interesting to note that I eliminated all animal products from my diet during my 30's.

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Ana Pirs Accepted Answer

I travel often to and always try to find hotel or hostel with kitchen! And cook by myself!

Don't want to eat fast food. and eating all the time in restaurants it's expensive.

So I can make a tasty pasta, eggs orOatmeal Smoothie

Really Good!

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