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  3. Wednesday, June 01 2016, 05:41 AM
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I have followed a plant based diet for a while now and I have found great success for myself and family. I have made a positive impact on my parents too. They want to make changes as well but they have more complicated issues. I have tried to talk to their doctors/nutritionist but none of them are on the same page to begin with. So, they are hearing different things about all aspect of their health. They are retired military so it seems their level of support offered is even less! Shcoking how they treat our vets… Side story… Anyway, then you add me to the mix trying to go plant based to solve some problems and I am not taken seriously. I want to just follow Reversing Diabetes, but I am not a health expert, they both have issues beyond diabetes. I would like to take them somewhere that they can be evaluated or monitored to some degree. I am only home during the summer months but if I could get them started that would be great. I can teach them the cooking side and working out, if I only had someone guiding me and making sure the overall health profile was correct. So far, I haven’t found a single doctor or nutritionist in the Austin/surrounding areas that can help. That is why I am here! I am hoping someone could point me in the right direction! Please let me know if this is the right place to ask this and I would love any tips/suggestions from people!!!

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Sean Carney Accepted Answer

Hello Traci,

I am very sorry that I somehow missed your forum post completely until now. I understand how difficult it is to find a provider that can help direct your parents, and even yourself, in the best direction. Dr. Carney is of course an excellent choice in Austin but is unable to provide the type of medical support I suspect you are hoping for though this web site. Also, Dr. Carney does not take any of the govermental insurance policies like TriCare so that could be a problem for your parents if they were looking for her to become their Physician.

However, Dr. Carney has also has started providing Food Coaching as well which is a good option for people wanting to know how to eat for optimal health. The Food Coaching is not Medical Care though and does not include any medical testing or any prescriptions.

We wish there was a larger community here and do look forward to having more people joining us and helping each other.

Here are some of the web sites for Dr. Carney:

Medical Practice: http://www.allmedphysicians.com

Blogs and Articles: http://www.drcarney.com

Videos and Food Coaching: https://www.veggievore.com


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