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  3. Saturday, January 07 2017, 08:58 PM
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Dear Starch-Smart users, The ability to apply for a membership account here at Starch-Smart.com has been turned off. We have decided to move all of the content from this Starch-Smart.com supportive community site over to our completely redesigned site at [url="https://www.DrCarney.com"]https://www.DrCarney.com[/url]and you can sign up for membership there at [url="https://www.drcarney.com/community"]https://www.drcarney.com/club[/url] Please join us there. We are excited to make this announcement because now the DrCarney.com site and the Starch-Smart.com site will become one. It will be much better for us. BTW, We are also moving all of the Health Science Research Summaries over to DrCarney.com as well. Please do join us there. More announcements will be forthcoming. Sean Carney

  1. https://www.drcarney.com/club
  2. https://www.drcarney.com
I am very glad to read this article.
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Nice post

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