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  3. Tuesday, September 30 2014, 11:10 PM
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We understand the "Beans, Squash, Greens, and Yams before 8am" admonition, but we're at a bit of a loss for how to combine all of these into a breakfast. Do you have all four every day? If you can give us some ideas about how and what you prepare for different breakfasts it would be very helpful.

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Sean Carney Accepted Answer
Hello Arlen,

Thank you for asking that question. We are soon going to write an article about how to "Surround Yourself with Starch-Smart Staples" in which we will try to go into a lot more detail about the way we organize our food. What we do is very simple but not intuitive!

We do have an article about Beans, Greens, Squash and Yams which is very helpful but needs to be 'supplemented' with the new article that is being formulated now. :-) I will post here when the new article is created. In the meantime you can read the Beans, Greens, Squash and Yams article at the following page:

We do not intend to make a rigid system but want people to understand that these are categories of foods which can also be discussed as Starchy Staples. We keep our food very simple and rely heavily on our Instant-Pot now to prepare the majority of our staple foods. In fact we actually have TWO of them in our kitchen and sometimes they are both going! Other tools we use to produce staples are a Miracle Rice Cooker, Stainless Steel Dutch Oven, and a Cuisinart Slow Cooker.

The above tools are all used to produce large amounts of our staples such as many variety of beans, or a wide variety of grains, and even combinations of grains, or root vegetables such as yams, sweet potatoes, and also squash. I am tempted to write the new article right here but will resist that urge and get the new article written soon. We bake the root vegetables at a low heat for a long time like 250 to 300 degrees for two to three hours. We do not cut or peel anything before cooking, just wash it very well. Everything is easier to cut and to peel after it is cooked and had some time to cool down.

I do want to say the secret to this system working is to have a LOT of food ready and available at all times. We then store these foods in glass containers such as Snap Top Storage Containers for easy transport.

When it comes time to eat we open our refrigerator at home or at work and then open a bunch of these containers and start placing portions on our plates. Once the plates are FULL we place another plate over the top and then we microwave the food for two to three minutes, depending on the power of the microwave, or the quantity of food. This system works for us to always have food around fast. The only thing we then have to prepare and serve to ourselves are raw and/or cooked greens, which we generally simmer in a saucepan with lots of seasonings, and some raw veggies like a nice cabbage and carrot slaw, etc.

We actually eat our noon meal at work as well as a light evening meal of oats and fruits. We only eat breakfast at home. Almost every day we carry food back and forth from work to home in the Snap Top Storage Containers.

We understand that many people are concerned about microwaves but we use them because of the extreme convenience. Our thinking is that eating plant-based staples conveniently is probably more important than avoiding microwaves. In fact. we also have TWO microwaves at home and TWO microwaves at work. It is just a matter of convenience.

Our favorite oats, which we use for our evening meal, are Whole Oat Groats which we cook in the Instant-Pot on the Multigrain setting and allow them to cook for 40 minutes. We use SIX cups of water for every ONE cup of oats and they come to what we regard as a perfect consistency!

Well... this has turned into a good long response much of which I need to put into our upcoming article!

Thank you again for asking,

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