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  3. Friday, October 10 2014, 12:11 PM
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I posted the following links on Ken Thomas' cleverly written post about the constant influx of questions regarding where protein comes from and how you could possibly get enough in a plant based diet. On the topic of protein, that which comes from animals is proven to be harmful to the immune system's capacity to function--especially when trying to ward of cancerous developments in the body. The following article appeared in the Huffington Post about animal protein in the diet. I know, the Huffington Post is not known for it's credible material BUT the author does a good job of breaking down research performed at Loma Linda University in CA to a degree that is understandable for all of us laymen out there!

For those of us that like the easy abridged version: Click here to read about vegan diet research
For those of us that like the nitty gritty hard to read science stuff: Click here for NCBI research which Huff. Post discusses

I think it would be great to use this thread to share empirically based research that shows the benefits of a vegan diet! Or even just material that you think does a good job of discussing benefits.
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Sean Carney Accepted Answer
Wow Paige, Great subject. I will be on the lookout for some good materials to post here. There is a good article on DrCarney.com that talks about how Cruciferous Vegetables Protect Against Cancer which sites quite a few studies. :-)
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