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  3. Friday, March 27 2015, 03:06 PM
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We sometimes purchase breads from Sami's Bakery. Their web site is at http://samisbakery.com/

Generally we are not big fans of flour products for most people because flours are more calorie dense than whole grains. So, eating a lot of flours can be a factor in weight gain. If you are wanting to keep weight on then the flour products should not be a problem for you. The bread at Sami's is DELICIOUS.

That said, we are always hesitant to eat to much DELICIOUS food. :-)  But, SAMI's is our favorite Gluten Free bread at this time. There is a bakery called Silver Hills Bakery in Canada that also makes some really tasty Gluten Free breads. 

If you know of some other great sources of Gluten-Free breads please let us know! 

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