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  3. Saturday, April 11 2015, 10:37 AM
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When cooking beans, what's the quickest way? I'm someone who's on the go, and I need the easiest and fastest methods to healthful cooking. Also, could I make split pea soup with the instant pot?

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Sean Carney Accepted Answer

Hello Lana, Sorry for the late reply. We were away all last week volunteering to give medical, dental and optical treatment to the underserved in San Antonio, Texas. Our days were very long and we did not have any time to get online.

The quickest way to cook beans that I know of is to use the Instant Pot. You can soak the beans ahead of time to be able to reduce the gas but you do not have to. The instant pot will cook beans even if they have not been soaked ahead of time. They will cook in less than 40 minutes for sure. Sometimes much less time than that. I have added one recipe for black beans that is really good. This recipe also included Soy Curls as a way to create something that looks and feels a little meaty. But, you can make this with no Soy Curls. And, you could make this with other types of beans. Here is the recipe:https://www.starch-smart.com/recipe/recipe/17-black-bean-soy-curl-feijoado

Doing split peas is really easy. I generally do not soak those ahead of time but I do like to rinse them well to get them very clean. Then I place them on the Slow Cook setting and allow them to cook over night while I am sleeping. You can also put them on in the morning and then they will be done by lunch. This is one of our favorite things to cook in the instant pot.

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